Q & A
Q. What is the difference between the two coffee’s you sell?
A. One is a darker roast and the other is a medium roast, both are 100% Arabica Beans.
Q. Is your coffee “Single Origin”?
A. Yes! Papua New Guinea.
Q. Does your coffee have preservatives to give it a longer shelf life?
A. No! Our coffee is Certified Organic, it’s shelf life is 3 – 6 months.
Q. Is it best to buy coffee as a Bean or Ground?
A. We recommend that you buy your coffee as Beans as they hold the flavor longer. Each time you make your coffee with fresh ground beans you enjoy the flavors.
Q. What is the process for ordering coffee for those that need to be put in the post?
A. You go to our website and purchase your coffee and we express post your purchase.
Q. How long doe’s a 1 kg bag of coffee last?
A. As our coffee does not have preservatives and is certified organic, conservatively saying it lasts for a minimum of 3 – 6 months.
Q. How many coffees would you get out of a 1kg bag?
A. It depends on what machine/maker, eg. AeroPress, Plunger, Espresso Machine you are making your coffee with! Espresso Machine 50 cups (single serve)
Q. What's the approx. grams per serve?
A. The group handle holds 20grams per cup.